What is the exact name to refer to our favorite content management system ? It is WordPress, of course ! Note the presence of the ” P ” capitalized often forgotten. However, a PHP function called  capital_P_dangit is present in the core of WordPress. What is its use ?

I invite you to conduct a simple test by typing WordPress in the title or content of an article or a page on your site.


Preview it and notice the passage in capital letter ” P ” in both the title and in the text. Impressive, not ?


Developed by Matt Mullenweg, the chief executive officer at Automattic, this update from the version 3.0 of WordPress was accompanied by lively debates at the time : an open source content management tool should edit the content posted without the permission of the end user? Beyond this issue somewhat ideological, the change posed some technical problems not without consequence for many sites – some of the names of files that have been renamed, this changed the URL, and therefore the correct display of these elements.

It also refers often worldpress which would imply that the news of the world publishes with WordPress… which is partially correct, given that the New York Times and the blogs of the newspaper Le Monde use this platform.

A feminized version is also available with wordpresse but then again the spell checker of Google eve and you will have no result on this search term.

Spell correctly a brand is essential, it ensures greater credibility in your comments. Despite this, it is not uncommon to see this error in many providers offering WordPress for their customers. Confidence begins with a correct spelling of the tools that one uses.

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Aurélien Denis

Fondateur de WP Alacarte. Another WordPress fanboy.

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