Quality Charter

This document aims to define the quality commitments by the authors of our products and services of any kind. These commitments are our quality charter, signed and approved by all authors of our themes and plugins for WordPress.

Article I. The end user must be in the center of the design and product development. Each feature must be thought in order to meet a clearly defined user need. Any product not meeting our user experience standard or deemed to complex in its usage will not be sold in our shop. Likewise, previously accepted product may be withdrawn if an update causes a draw back in user experience.

Article II. The author must respect the values ​​held by the WordPress project and the open source world in general. It can not be tolerated that a promotes racist, offensive or pornographic ideas. The rules of decorum apply in consequence.

Article III. The author has the obligation to ensure an efficient customer service for all ofthe product’s lifespan . Providing quality support is an essential part of our DNA. In the event of a product’s developpment being permanetly discontinued, the author is compel to provide customer service for a minimum of three months to allow our client to find a suitable substitute.. If a product’s maintenance is to become insufficient for any reason, WP Alacarte will imediatly remove it from it’s shop.

Article IV. The author is compeled to provide complete documentation to the end user. This documentation will be subject to updates if necessary. Due to the international nature of our shop, an English version is required.

Article V. Good development practices such as the respect of the WordPress project philosophy , the internationalization of products, performance optimization, data security and technical documentation of the code should be mastered by our authors . In case of bugs or other technical failures, the author of the product will do the utmost to offer an update as soon as possible. The lack of response from the author would result in the immediate withdrawal of all of his/her products from our shop.

Article VI. It is strictly prohibited to use non-native WordPress administrations interfaces . The use of the API Customizer is strongly recommended . Wherever possible, the use of shortcodes is to be avoided.

Article VII. The incorporation of advertising in the product shall be subject to the discretion of the team in charge of WP Alacarte project. If we believe that they distort the product and go against the previous articles of this charter, the product will be rejected. This section applies to subsequent product updates.

Article VIII. If a clear violation of the articles of this charter occurs and in case of noncompliance from the author, WP Alacarte will immediately withdraw all products of the latter, without any compensation opportunity.

Done at Morcenx, December 6, 2015