ONE, it is the name of our first WordPress theme, based entirely on the customization tool. Very simple to use, this theme has been designed with the utmost care, here is what is the recipe for the team of WP Alacarte we concocted.

I am Marina Mourguiart, web-designer on the WP Alacarte project. A graphic designer by training, I’m working as a freelancer since 2013 with the dual-role of Web designer and integrator.

WordPress is an integral part of my daily routine for 5 years now. It is thus quite naturally that I accepted to work with Aurélien on this project to the creation of products and services for WordPress. It is far the time where I was already designing my first blog with Dotclear…

Here is the story of our first theme ONE.

The identity of ONE


A single theme for thousands of different sites, in all simplicity, this is the first idea of our WordPress theme ONE.

ONE is based on the customization. It highlights the unique aspect that the user will be able to give to its site. A theme is customizable, yes, but in all simplicity. No extensions to install to have a basic site that works, ONE is self-sufficient. It offers the possibility of modifying its content in a few clicks via the customization tool native to WordPress.

We have made the choice to base ourselves exclusively on the native functions of WordPress, without trying to reinvent the wheel. Better performance, unified user experience, ONE rhymes with simplicity.

Need more ? Our extensions integrate directly in the customization tool of a WordPress. They provide functional compatibility and graphics with many well-known solutions of WordPress users. Make your choice with Alacarte !


The problematic chart

A modular design

Our mission: to create a modular design which will be able to adapt to all styles, being synthetic and effective. By chance, the current trend is to design for horizontal blocks (or bands), which already allows a great modularity in the composition. It is possible to play with the layering of the blocks and their interchangeability.

Another problem: to design a graphic charter rather sober and refined to allow for its adaptability to all types of identities and content.

Process of creation

The birth of ONE mainly started with pieces of codes and design archaic created by the developers of WP Alacarte (the first version was visually very… special !). The work is a little backwards of a conventional design, which normally begins with wireframes, then mock-ups graphics and then finished off by the integration.

The features and the technical constraints have defined the design.
In a first step, we therefore adapted to the possibilities and constraints of the Customiser of WordPress and have been thinking about the different features that would be useful for our users.

For this first theme, we went on a axis corporate with the blocks corresponding to a site showcase that the business of a company. It is only once those blocks are defined and a first version of the theme coded for that I have intervened graphically in redesignant all content and offering the first demo of the theme ONE.

On the left, ONE first version, created by our developers… on the right, ONE enhanced :


Design & strategic choices

Show the modular aspect

A coloured version of the theme ONE has been created, highlighting the side playfully.
A little picture of cubes for children… The idea is to show the modular aspect with a set of colors, red, blue, cyan rather simple.

Think of the customization

There are, of course, been several versions of the artwork before arriving at the final result. In fact, during the creation, it was necessary to revise some elements to think about customization.

For not to overload of options in the Customizer of WordPress, we had to make some strategic choices. Which items can be customized? Why? As many of the questions that came to feed the creation of our WordPress theme. Because of this, the elements that are not customizable are in shades of grey to adapt to all types of visual identity, while the elements of the colors present in ONE are all customizable !

Endless possibilities

Change color of funds, texts and images, thanks to the super power of the customization tool of a WordPress.


For example, here are variants of the block, Services :


The new blog

As you may have noticed, we have just released a whole new version of blog ONE, to discover in the new demo.

More pleasant, more ergonomic, we have focused on the development of your content, texts and images. Via the Customizer, you can change the image of the banner, the colors of the links, the categories, the titles of the widgets, and the read more.


The demos

We currently offer 3 demos, ONE for you to throw in different universes. You have YOUR identity, ONE can adapt to it.

  • ONE corporate is our demo database, it is to this day the most complete. It shows you the majority of the blocks available and customizable on the home page, but also the opportunities related to WooCommerce if you want to quickly add a shop to your site.
  • One marketing, the more dynamic you planned in a universe of high impact, bright, and shows you a new use of the available blocks.
  • ONE blog, as its name indicates, uses ONE as a blog on the home page. Everything is ready for blogging!


And you?

Show us YOUR version of ONE. Please do not hesitate to share with us your creations. We are curious to know how you will be using our theme and its various features. Your feedback, positive or negative are also welcome so that we can improve our products.

The best way to create your website?

ONE is our WordPress premium theme,
easy-to-use with a quality customer support


Aurélien Denis

Fondateur de WP Alacarte. Another WordPress fanboy.

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