WP Alacarte this is the new marketplace of themes, plugins and services for the WordPress platform. Available in French and in English, it is addressed to all users of this amazing content management tool that powers not less than 25% of the World Wide Web.

The genesis of the project

The idea to create a marketplace for products and services for WordPress goes back to the WordCamp Paris 2014. I ran then a workshop on the design of a WordPress theme but it’s really the round table “Je thème moi non plus ” which has brought forth the idea in me. The debate was informative but I felt that in spite of everything to devote myself to design custom themes for my clients.

It was in December 2014 that I relaunch the project in the company of Marina Mourguiart, web-designer talented installed on the Basque coast.

Quickly, we have put in place working methods and a schedule. In may 2015, I have recruited Mickaël Gris as a developer within my company Neticpro. This has allowed us to give a boost to the project, without forgetting the customers projects.

Then, in September 2015, it is the turn of Lucie Jégou to lend a hand on the aspects related to marketing, communication and editorial. An unexpected encounter that brought us a lot!

Several years of maturation, a year of development and a launch in the month of January 2016! Our first theme responds to the sweet name of ONE, go to the product sheet to find out.

The trademark “WP Alacarte”

Several essential aspects that define our DNA at WP Alacarte.

Put the user at the center

The first aspect is directly related to innovation at the service of a quality user experience : our paths have taught us much in recent years. Notably, we made the following observation:

Most premium themes currently on the market:

  1. Are real gas plants for a large majority of them: some of them have even more options than WordPress itself!
  2. Mix of features and design extensions and themes are related.
  3. Are available in English with support… in English.
  4. Need to insert snippets of code ( or shortcodes).
  5. Require the installation of additional premium plugins to work properly.

From this, we had to imagine and offer products that would take a different approach to the negative points listed above… and so, to rethink these aspects in a positive sense.
This is why all of our themes and extensions WordPress:

  1. Are really easy to use : they are based exclusively on the customization tool of a WordPress, the famous Customizer. The great strength of this system relies on the ability for the user to view the changes in real time. No need to create a development version in parallel, the result is immediate and you can change the appearance of your site as many times as you want.
  2. Separates the graphic design (themes) functionality (extensions). Thus, it is up to you to come to dip into our library of plugins to provide additional features such as support extensions, third-party, support for Google Maps (to come) and more features very soon.
  3. Are available in French and in English, as well as support.
  4. Do not use code (shortcode).
  5. Do not require the installation of premium extensions.

The end user is at the centre of our concerns. What do you need? Do we need to integrate this option natively or as an extension? Is it helpful to all users or only to a restricted group? Is the tool really simple to take in hand? As many of the questions that we keep constantly in mind.

Design a theme or an extension for WordPress is not a trivial matter : the use cases can be counted by the dozens which involve phases of tests of several months. A score of beta testers have taken part in the project (and we thank them warmly!), which has allowed us to significantly improve the final product. It is a professional experience very rewarding, which pushes us still further in the development of our own benefits.

Beauty as a criterion of choice

The second aspect relates to the graphical appearance: a WordPress theme needs to be graphically pleasant. As a web-designer experienced and inclusive WordPress, Marina has produced numerous versions of models, functional and graphics to achieve the final result of the theme ONE.

This first theme is versatile and can match many uses as you will see shortly through multiple live demonstrations. Choice of fonts, images, spacing, line spacing, sizes of titles… nothing has been left to chance!

Of course, we take in charge the different levels of resolutions for optimal results: mobile, tablet and desktop screen. The screens HDPI – type retina will not be in rest. To qualify, the installation of the free extension WP Retina 2x will be necessary, however.

Finally, we support natively WooCommerce, the well-know extension to turn your website into a great online shop for WordPress: archive page of products, product sheet, tunnel purchase. And to go further, you can display your products on the home page via our extension WP Alacarte WooCommerce. Fear not, more updates, WooCommerce: the theme uses the best development techniques to allow updates without breaking the appearance of your site.

Choice, as criterion of choice

The third and last aspect is illustrated by the choice of our brand name WP Alacarte. The name symbolizes to him only the flexibility and modularity of our products : you need to have the choice of composing your project according to your desires.

We run away from the gas plants, but wish to cover the multiple needs of users. It is therefore up to you to choose the extensions you want to embed in your website and this, without having to depend directly on the chosen theme. You use MailPoet as a system for sending newsletters? No worries, we have the extension you need to have a block subscription perfectly designed for your home page.

With this approach, you will have a website very efficient where each request is useful. A concrete example : you do not use WooCommerce? No script in link with this extension will be loaded.

The future of the project

We have already other products in the pipeline that will soon be available! In the short term, we focus on the support of Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Google Maps and MailChimp as additional extensions to our theme ONE.

Other authors will join us also to offer you a catalog of products to complete your projects WordPress. We are also open to integrate your creations in our shop: either to propose extensions to that interface in our themes, or autonomous, make contact now!

To give you a taste of what awaits you : an extension of full customization of the back office of WordPress is due out soon.

Very quickly on WP Alacarte !

The best way to create your website?

ONE is our WordPress premium theme,
easy-to-use with a quality customer support


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