The customization tool of a WordPress, the Customizer is one of the most popular features within the development team of the WordPress project. The version 4.5 that will be released soon reinforces this direction and strengthens us in our strategy to provide you with quality products for WordPress based on this great tool.

Before you begin, remember that the tool in question is accessible from the menu Appearance > Customize. Then you’ll see a preview mode in real time. A simple click on the button Save and Publish will validate your changes.

#1 – Support for logos

WordPress 4.5 will support natively the addition of a logo, provided that your theme supports this new feature. Of course, we will update our themes premium in order to ensure full compatibility.

It will work on the same principle as the site icon already in place.

#2 – Preview responsive design


Also planned for version 4.5, the ability to preview the appearance of your site in mobile, tablet or desktop computer resolution. A toolbar will switch from one mode to the other with ease.

You can easily judge the level of finish of your theme, without having recourse to tools developers.

#3 – Import / export settings

Many extensions available on the official directory of WordPress are used to enrich the personalization tool. Among them, the Customizer Export/Import that allows the export of your settings in an XML file.

A principle similar to that of WordPress in its export tools. An effective way of not losing your settings in case of manipulation of the unfortunate. We use it regularly on our facilities in-house developments.

#4 – Inject the Google font

With the free extension Easy Google Fonts, you can now customize the fonts used in your theme. As its name indicates, the extension retrieves fonts from Google Fonts. The operation is based on the definition of policy sets, according to the titles and paragraphs.


A few tips to remember :

  • Pay attention to the weight of the font chosen, the display performance is a key criterion in terms of user experience ;
  • Do not mix more than 2 fonts, and beyond can affect the visual harmony of the original theme ;
  • Check the final render on different operating systems (MacOS X, Windows and Linux for the desktop, iOS / Google Android for mobile) ;

#5 – Design your navigation menus

It is possible to create, modify, and delete navigation menus from the customization tool. Once again, the approach is interesting in the sense that you can realize instantly the appropriateness of your choices : number of items to display, a tree to one or two levels, the menu location in the theme, etc.


#6 – Management of widgets

Widgets are blocks that are modular, that you can insert in a so-called widgetized area like a sidebar or a column of the footer. Through the Customizer, no more ask yourself the eternal question of what this widget will do and where.


#7 – WP Alacarte Manager, our exclusive panel

We could not complete this list without presenting you WP Alacarte Manager, our tool to manage homepage blocks.



It provides 2 key features:

  1. Changing the display order of the different blocks of the home page by drag and drop ;
  2. The activation / deactivation of a block by a simple click ;

Of course, the final rendering is displayed in real time in the right part of your screen. We could not be more simple.

I hope that this list of 7 points you will have demonstrated the extraordinary potential that provides the tool of personalization of WordPress in terms of user experience. Flexibility and ease of use are truly the master-words of this tool. This list is far from exhaustive, and you may complete it by leaving a comment under the article.

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